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Training the Clergy to help people
navigate their journey with traumatic grief

Ministry Training and Consulting Services

The ministry has created a series of lectures designed to aid church leaders in comprehending the effects of traumatic grief on the body of Christ. We have seen that violence is becoming increasingly prevalent in our communities, and even the church is not immune. By equipping the ministry with the necessary knowledge and skills to support those experiencing traumatic grief, individuals can attain a deeper level of healing and strengthen their spiritual resilience.


I've been there...I get it


Traumatic Grief
and the Church
Impact of Trauma on Society and its Spiritual Effects

We are living in a changing world that has become more intense with civil and spiritual unrest – leaving in its path a trail of confused and grief-stricken people. Today’s Pastors, Ministers, and Chaplains will need specialized training to meet the challenges of those who counsel the bereaved affected by a traumatic event.



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